Poem: 68 Dream

One thought on “Poem: 68 Dream

  1. The sad part my friend. People forget quickly. I ensure to make everyone know it is Martin Luther Jr. day. I post and I tell people. Even in Detroit before the coronavirus. Few gathering for the great man. I was with my Mexican Grandfather when he spoke to 500,000 people in Detroit. My grandfather loved him. He did so much for all races. We must ensure he is not forgotten. One of the European on my site. Said a strong line. I hope you don’t forget him. He is not forgotten in Europe. He did more than we shall know. My father a Ojibwa/Mexican. A soldier, cried for the man of peace, sanity and love. His words and ideas are not forgotten. We, who want fair treatment, same education for everyone and for us. To walk hand in hand for equality and no racism. Are still here. Hello my friend. Martin Luther King Jr., he is a light of hope.

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